Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Recycled Plastic Table – The Advantages Of Purchasing

One of the more versatile uses of recycled plastic is to reinvent products for everyday use such as plastic tables. The materials that are used in the recycled plastic tables are durable, easy to maintain, and have a long lasting life. Recycled tables offer many advantages over other tables.

Most people are aware of the problems associated with the many plastics that are disposed of daily. Plastic bottles, jugs, toys, and others forms of plastic are dumped into landfills where they are turned under the soil. The plastic does not erode and sits beneath the soil taking up valuable space. Recycled plastic tables reduce the levels of plastic in landfills.

Manufacturing plastic requires the use of petroleum and natural gas. Recycled plastic requires less of our valuable natural resources and benefits the environment. Therefore, by purchasing a recycled plastic table, one is helping the environment by making a responsible choice.

Recycled Plastic also replaces wood. Since many tables are commonly made of wood, fewer trees are harvested. This leaves the trees to serve as homes for animals, reduces soil erosion, and protects forests. The recycled plastic tables will give the appearance of wood without the destruction of trees.

Recycled plastic tables are extremely durable. They are manufactured from poly lumber which is made from items such as recycled milk, bleach and household cleaner jugs. The tables give the appearance of wood and can be used to replace tables that are normally made of wood or non-recycled plastics.

Durability is one of the best advantages of recycled plastic tables. They are able to withstand high and low temperatures. Weather conditions such as rain and snow have no affect on the tables. In coastal environments where the air carries a higher salt content, the tables remain in tack without damages normally found in other tables.

Made from recycled materials, recycled plastic tables are rot resistant. They also reduce the ability for graffiti and other damage. The material is durable without requiring the need for sealants and outer coatings of chemicals. The tables are maintenance-free and can not be damaged by hungry termites.
The process involved in manufacturing tables from recycled materials begins with the collection of materials before they go to landfills. Companies purchase the materials from city collections and move them to their plants. The different types of plastics are sorted, cleaned, and bundled according to colour and the type of plastic. The crushed and baled plastic materials are put into a machine that grounds them down into flakes. Colorant and UV is added. The plastic material is remoulded into a new product, cooled, and assembled. Some finished materials are sent to other companies who design and create the recycled plastic tables, but most products are assembled by the company that manufactures the material.

Some recycled plastic tables are made from nothing but recycled materials. Other types of tables are connected and reinforced with materials such as steel. Picnic tables, for example, may have steels nuts and bolts which connect the different boards made from plastic. The products are usually added to make the table easier to glide along grassy areas.

A recycled plastic table can be sold in many different styles. One may be interested in purchasing a coffee table, a picnic table, a night stand, or a side table. There are many colours to choose from. The tables are dyed different colours and come in a variety of wood stains. Manufacturers cast the recycled material into moulds to produce aesthetically pleasing products that will outlast other materials.

Tables made from recycled materials may cost a little more than other tables, but purchasing a recycled plastic table is well worth spending the extra dollars. By purchasing a table from recycled material you are helping the environment and obtaining a long lasting attractive table. Planet Earth will benefit from your choice.


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